I don’t know how many of my followers are into Kaiji/Akagi or any FKMT series, but this is a set of twitter doodles I’ve accumulated the past month.

Rules about commissioning NSFW art:

• All concepts/kinks are debatable!

• I have the right to refuse a commission deciding at my comfortability with a concept.

Furry/Anthro is absolutely acceptable! Mechas are debatable at request.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission request in personal regard.
  • If working with a commissioner and mid-progress I begin to feel uncomfortable with who I am working with/for, I can refund the paid amount to said commissioner and scrap the project immediately with or without explanation. This is not something I’ve done in the past, but I’m now inputting this because of past occasions where stress was put heavily onto me and I did not have the courage at the time to deny request or say “no”.
  • Any commission by me is not permitted to be used under ANY commercial use; unless stated otherwise, please contact me with details via Tumblr’s messaging system or email as there can be arrangements.

Contact me for details at: cottonfist97@hotmail.com

If you’re confused with anything at all feel free to message me via Tumblr’s messaging system, or my email! (shown above) Don’t be shy. All questions are good questions.

Hey guys! Cottonfist/Shyrna here! I’m opening commissions for a few dire personal needs at the moment. 

I have not had internet access in my own apartment for about 3 months give or take, so my only convenience is going back & forth to friend’s homes to briefly get online for a few hours. My goal is to save up for a modem and to afford a monthly wifi bill. Being on the internet, majority to near all of the people I consider my “emotional support group”, are online. So, for the first week without my constant access I had pitiful severe crying fits. It causes me a great deal of anxiety to be away from my friends online, and you could call it an unhealthy internet obsession, but it’s my only way to feel like I’m ‘in-touch’ with everyone & heathily vent w/o resorting to unhealthy bad habits in desperation of events. Other than that, I’m additionally saving up to move out and get away from toxic people from my past in this area and to start new, at least by next year or so.

Financially, my family has always been in a rut, and right now I finally got employed to my 1st job so opening commissions I’m hoping to double up on income, utilizing the abilities I have confidence in. Even if you can’t commission me, PLEASE reblog/signal boost; my greatfulness towards you would not be able to be expressed. 

Even if you have change to spare, feel free to go on my art blog and click the “Donate”, button! I shamelessly will take any help/pity I can get. Thank you for your time.

if I’m going to upload twitter doodles I might as well upload my asanishi set

here’s for the anon asking about the 3rd shinizu pic; I usually don’t post my doodles/sketches from twitter to tumblr until I accumulate enough for a large photoset, but I don’t mind putting these all together for ya; top 3 pics sort of follow up together, last comic was a tragedy I drew in 15 minutes for a twitter 69min theme

read right to left

comic I was going to lineart but decided it’d be too much work considering I just wanted to get the idea out of my head and out on canvas

(yowapeda au where ishigaki is vry important)


I am 95% unsure if I ship AsaTana considering the fact I only thought of it because that last mini comic I posted but what I do know is I am 100% okay with everyone being paired with Asahi and giving him lovins so that also makes everything ok

sketch commission for ONE OF MY BEST BUDS (YEA) thong! I just started i11 so it was really exciting for me to get to draw these lil soccer dudes

senpai smooches are potent

I’m not sure where I was going with this I just knew I wanted to draw TadoNaru and I kind of just rolled with it

This has been waiting in my files for 2 weeks and I’m desperate to get rid of it so PLS TAKE IT

Tsukishima: “Hey, let’s fool around after practice, alright?”
Yamaguchi: “Tsukki!! If Daichi sees us he’s going to get really mad!”
Tanaka: “lol ok”