Since there was so many posts of Killua and Ikalgo, and I wanted to spread the Chimera Ant+Human union with Meleoron and Gon being bros because also there is not nearly enough Meleoron on tumblr and it hurts me

Twitter doodles (Oofuri, Haikyuu).
Eventually I’ll make a post of my miscellaneous doodle fanart from good ‘ole twitter, but I was having fun last night/this morning with these. Nice way to start off my day!! (hopefully someone catches my spongebob reference in the last bit)

Click here to read @ cottonfisting.

Commission set done for Ruxpin! It was fun!

Taking a break and did an anime screencap redraw from the anime Haikyuu for fun.


You led me here, then I watched you disappear.
You left this emptiness inside and I can’t turn back time;
No, stay— Nothing compares to you.
Nothing compares to you.
I can’t let you go. (x)

I didn’t have enough time to finish this on Kurapika’s birthday yesterday, but I managed to get it done finally, anyway!

These are two of the commissions I’ve completed over the past few days.

First picture is a commission made by Shira Glassman for her two characters Shulamit and Aviva. The characters come from one of Shira’s very own books, “The Second Mango,” which you can check out HERE ON AMAZON.COM

Here’s a description of the story:

Queen Shulamit never expected to inherit the throne of the tropical land of Perach so young. At twenty, grief-stricken and fatherless, she’s also coping with being the only lesbian she knows after her sweetheart ran off for an unknown reason. Not to mention, she’s the victim of severe digestive problems that everybody think she’s faking. When she meets Rivka, an athletic and assertive warrior from the north who wears a mask and pretends to be a man, she finds the source of strength she needs so desperately. Unfortunately for her, Rivka is straight, but that’s okay — Shulamit needs a surrogate big sister just as much as she needs a girlfriend. Especially if the warrior’s willing to take her around the kingdom on the back of her dragon in search of other women who might be open to same-sex romance. The real world outside the palace is full of adventure, however, and the search for a royal girlfriend quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer.”

Please check it out! It was a privilege for me to work with such an author.

Second picture is a commission made by Kally of her two lovely sweetheart lovers, Hari and Marin. You can check out their story and character info, HERE!

midst reading the manga I saw the opportunity and I couldn’t pass it up

how it should have gone tbh

…you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…
…you make me happy when skies are grey…
You never know, dear, how much… I… love you…
…please don’t take my sunshine away—

… Leorio?

Taken from the prompt “Imagine Person A singing “You are my sunshine” as Person B slowly dies in their arms.”

Some of the sketches I posted on twitter so I can give myself some hand warm-ups.

there’s no way i couldn’t have been the only one thinking about this when Leorio was chilling w/ Zepile