twitter haikyuu doodle compilation— last photoset post for the night! thank you guys for enduring these long posts.

most of my recent fkmt twitter doodles as of late. Mostly boukai!!!! if I had more room I would put some kaihara doodles

also please spread love for small akagis and yukios, thank u godspeed

Majority of these are based off the Oofuri 69min twitter themes. Throwing these all here for archive purposes.

TadoNaru twitter doodle (as of recent) masterpost.

Some original artwork of an upcoming webcomic/comic I’m going to be starting sometime soon that I’ve been planning for 2 years, now.

I’m still doing fanart here and there; just trying to manage work schedule with a balance of giving myself a chance to draw. Multiple new fanwork doodles can be found via my personal twitter (warning, not strictly an art twitter. personal tweets of my life are frequent).

Thanks everyone for being so patient with my recent procrastination! I’ll continue working hard in the future to put out more works.

whole time I was coloring this I was thinking it was way over-saturated but at this point I am okay with that.

also, more tanaka and yamamoto interractions please

nishi braiding asahi’s hair bc it’s rly nice and soft :-3c

hunter x hunter twitter dump from past months. I haven’t been uploading a lot lately because of irl happenings.

Finally getting around to working on things again. Here’s a shinizu batch for you guys—

I don’t know how many of my followers are into Kaiji/Akagi or any FKMT series, but this is a set of twitter doodles I’ve accumulated the past month.